About US

About The Store

At Tapuach we will take care of all your shopping needs under one roof. From the tasty sushi bar, express delivery service and all the dry and frozen goods you would expect to find at a quality grocer, Tapuach has been designed with one goal in mind: you.

Created by Yehoshua Lenes and Yitzchak Gluck, Tapuach is there so that you can truly enjoy shopping without the hassle. In just one visit you will be able to take care of all your home shopping needs, saving you time and effort. And because we want you to enjoy your shopping, Tapuach boasts wide aisles and eye- catching designs to make you feel comfortable, at ease and at home.

Why not take a look inside and see how Tapuach will change the way you shop!

Our Deli

Real food is made with ingredients you’d find in your pantry, not in a lab. We handcraft all our prepared foods in-house, using only natural ingredients like fresh herbs, hand-cut vegetables and the highest quality meats & fish. So when Tapuachs food is on your table, you know you’re eating real.

Wines, Whiskeys & Liqueurs

No grocery store would be complete without a quality selection of the finest wines, whiskeys and liqueurs. Our selection has been carefully handpicked to offer you the choice and variety you deserve. Whether it’s a delicate white Chardonnay or a full-bodied Merlot, smooth single malt or a comforting liqueur, we have a selection to suit every palate and complement every dish.

Bread, Biscuits & Cakes

At Tapuach you will find an irresistible range of cakes and biscuits for everyone. We also offer fresh bread each morning, from steaming baguettes to warm rolls that are crusty on the outside and beautifully fluffy and warm on the inside. Taken together with the rest of Tapuach’s products, this is just another example of our high quality, enjoyable food at a reasonable price.


In keeping with our promise to provide you with variety and quality at a reasonable price, at Tapuach you will find all the dry and frozen goods you would expect to find at any quality kosher grocery. Whether you’re looking for cereals, nosh, frozen foods, soft drinks, dips and spread, soups or any other dry goods, at Tapuach you will find exactly what you need. That’s because we value your custom and want you to provide you with whatever it is you seek. Sound too good to be true? Why not pay us a visit and see for yourself.

Express Delivery Service

In today’s world, our lives are busier than ever. With family and work commitments we don’t always have time to “take home the shopping”. At Tapuach we understand this, and that’s why we are delighted to offer you our express delivery service. Within just two hours of your shop, we will deliver your goods straight to your door. And if you prefer to take your shopping home with you, we will have a full packing and car assistance service ready and waiting. Our staff will help you pack all your goods and take them to your car, saving you the “shlep”. It’s our way of saying thank you for shopping at Tapuach.

But there’s more. Within the next month we will have a full online shopping service, meaning you can do everything online and have your shopping delivered
to your door. All you will need to do is point and click. It’s as simple as that.

Great staff, Great Store! Friendly, helpful and conveniently long opening hours.

Lovely range of kosher products and No 1 service

Great range of products at good prices. The staff are very friendly and helpful and it's nice to have a loyalty card.

Massive selection of kosher food, Very tidy. Basically, it is a pleasure to shop there.

Always happy to shop here! Good product and smiling staff!