Our Commitments


We employ a kashrus to supervise our premises around the clock, and our on-site kitchens prepare all our foods under the hashgacha of KLBD highest possible standards. From double-filtering our water to hand-checking lettuce with special lights for bug detection, we do kosher right.


Hygiene goes to the core of our mission. Our cleaning crew works all day and all night to make our entire store sparkle. .

Tapuach was jsut rated by the local health as a 5-star food hygiene rating

Bread, Biscuits & Cakes

At Tapuach you will find an irresistible range of cakes and biscuits for everyone. We also offer fresh bread each morning, from steaming baguettes to warm rolls that are crusty on the outside and beautifully fluffy and warm on the inside. Taken together with the rest of Tapuach’s products, this is just another example of our high quality, enjoyable food at a reasonable price.

Check Out

No matter how busy we are, you’ll never have to wait in line. By employing extra staff, even during slow hours, we speed you through the checkout process. From unloading your cart to bagging your purchases to loading your trunk, our team takes the schlepping out of shopping.

Great staff, Great Store! Friendly, helpful and conveniently long opening hours.

Lovely range of kosher products and No 1 service

Great range of products at good prices. The staff are very friendly and helpful and it's nice to have a loyalty card.

Massive selection of kosher food, Very tidy. Basically, it is a pleasure to shop there.

Always happy to shop here! Good product and smiling staff!